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About Us

The Wagners, Owners of The Spoiled BabyThe Spoiled Baby is a family owned store.  Tammy Wagner is the manager of the store, but all the members of her family help and contribute to the success and operation of the business.

Tammy, her mother, and her daughter-in-law all pitch in as sales people who know the baby store’s merchandise and inventory inside and out!  Tammy’s husband Mark and her son Daniel help with the displays, preparation, and stocking of the items for sale as well as anything they can do to help customers.

Tammy herself is a mother and grandmother and loves to help other new mothers in any way she can.  Tammy is a great resource.   She provides information on local pediatricians, articles on baby nutrition, daycare centers, and other baby related topics which are also included as links on this website.

The Spoiled Baby’s goal is to provide a much-needed service to the community.  It wants to help families provide their babies with quality baby clothes, cribs, bedding, toys, and other supplies in a very affordable way.  All baby clothes and baby supplies are offered at discount prices!

Being a parent herself for many years, she understands that seeing your baby with nice things is a comfort and makes you feel that you are providing well for your family.  (See Tammy’s very own “spoiled baby”, her grandson Lincoln.)  She wants to help especially those who have been affected by the economy to feel that they are still doing well for their children.

The Spoiled Baby helps families feel that their babies have all the nice things they deserve!